LoveFest thank you letter

LoveFest was a hit!!  For a first time run at something like this, it truly was a great party! A lot of money was raised for a lot of worthy causes and I learned a lot about how to run a very unique event.  And I think the message I was trying to convey about how it’s important to celebrate music, animals, people and be aware of animal friendly charities was heard.  Next year will surely be incredible!!

Special thanks goes out to:

Everyone that attended! Attending is the most important thing you can do and without so many friends and family plus the extended family of the bands and staff, we wouldn’t have had any event at all! My deepest gratitude to you all!

The bands that eagerly played this event for free, the level of musicianship that day was incredible!

Thank you to:

The Bucks County School of Rock kids-you truly rocked, great job!

Stems & Seeds-Krista, you and your gang are so passionate, thank you for all your help from the very minute I mentioned LoveFest to you. Your enthusiasm, help, and support meant the world!

MonkeyBus- Carrie Walsh, you know you’re my heart, and Adam and Rob Groden-special thanks to Rob for all your hard work arranging the School of Rock performance!

LauraLea Taraskus-you truly knocked the socks off of everyone at the event, people are still talking about your incredible performance, thank you for signing on so quickly and enthusiastically to help LoveFest!

Modern Bliss! My boys! You took the party to a whole new level that day! Your performance brought so many smiles and really kicked it up a notch, love you guys!

The Rockets-what can I say about this beloved Philly band? Everyone knows them and loves them and for good reason, they just rock everything they do and they were the first to sign on for LoveFest, no questions asked. Just really great guys that mean so much to so many people! Special shout out to Derek for DJing the event as well- I know, is near and dear to you and your family, I’m so happy we could give them a nice donation.

Stephen Turner and Perry Curcio aka Steve & Perry- Stephen, you’ve always had my back and LoveFest was no different! Thank you both for everything! You guys are so talented and passionate and it shows with every song you wow the crowd with!

“Shawty Jones”-the amazing collaboration of four off-the-hook artists: Candice Burgin, Bill Pearce, Matt Curran, and Brooke Ashman- thanks for figuring out a way to play this event and creating an awesome band in the process!  You guys truly went above and beyond and I’m so very grateful!

To Dave Asimos and Dave Dencher-aka Serial-your help on the sound was key! Working all day and doing the magic that you do was so important to making the day the success that it was, I can’t thank you enough!!! And to Stacy for contributing on the lighting! You rock!

To Justin Staszewski-thank you for donating your drum kit for the day and for hauling it in and out and just being there with all you had going on. Love you and your beautiful wife to no end!

And I can’t forget so many other musicians that wanted to play, but couldn’t for one reason or another, but still came out to jam or show support! Especially the FosterChild boys-Brian Quinn, Danny Biessel, Bobby Pyrilis Jr, and Mike Vlaanderen who were all about LoveFest from the get go and came out and jammed with everyone.

Thank you to my Whiskey Tango family-that bar is way more than a bar, it’s a home away from home for me. My owners, managers, staff-so many of you signed on and worked the day for free and donated all of your tips to charity! I couldn’t have done it without you!!! Special thanks to Kimmy-who always has my back and helped me write all the checks to charity , Mike for working out the costs, Bowie for working out the staffing, Liat for all the correspondence and advertising, Mary for all the decorations and wrapping all those baskets for me! Tony, Melissa, Matt, Mikey, Bowie, Kimmy, Liz, and Tracy for bartending the day for free!

To my husband, Todd: Your incredible computer-know-how really came in handy on this one! Our website is AWESOME! Thanks for all your hard work on getting the site up and running! And thanks for listening to me whine when things weren’t going my way for the event and for helping out at Tango and working the day for free with my coworkers!

To my raffle girls (and boy): Naomi, Jenn, Katie, Dianna, Carolyn and her son, Patrick. You worked hard at getting those raffles and 50/50s sold!!!  The money generated from those was amazing! Thanks for working the day! Love you all!

To Greg Bracken-for going way over the top and doing those tribute baskets of cheer. I know they cost a small fortune but they helped to raise so much money and were such an “emotional icing on the cake” for me that day. Molly, Sammy, Chyna, and Asti meant the world to me and so do you!

To Andrew and Ann-that Harley basket was awesome!!! Thank you! And Ann, thanks for the link on your Salem County Harley Davidson website!

To Crystal-the guitar was a huge money maker, what a lovely thing to donate! And your basket along with baskets from Jennifer Lynch, and so many other friends really made the raffle table incredible!

KellyAnn Hueston-your artwork was fabulous, thanks for your donation! And for just being you!

My FuzzStock boys! What a truly wonderful surprise to have you attend LoveFest and Jared, your photos were the talk of the town, thanks for the donation! (I look forward to more FuzzStock events and so should everyone reading this!)

94 WYSP-for the ads and for coming out and partying with us and providing the guitar hero fun!

To so many local restaurants and businesses-thanks for all the wonderful gift certificates! Scoogi’s, Sorella Rose, Tortillas, The Kitchen Bar and so many others! Support local businesses!

Did I miss anyone? I sure hope not, but if I did, it’s certainly by accident and by how overwhelmed I was with the day. I try to look back on it now and just remember every special moment and there’s too many to count!

Look for tons of pics and video to be posted on here soon and most importantly, look for the 2nd Annual LoveFest to take place around Valentine’s Day 2011! Thanks again to everyone!


Lori Stidham

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  1. Wouldn’t have missed it for the world. You did an amazing job. Perry and I were very proud to be part of it!

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How is LoveFest different? Each band will be playing for a charity of THEIR choice! Whatever charity, human or animal, whomever they desire to help!* Every band that participates will be given an equal percentage of money to donate to their cause of choice and all monies from raffles and 50/50s will be donated to H.U.A.-Hearts United for Animals & Little Kids Rock.

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