LoveFest needs YOU!

LoveFest is all about raising money for charities. One of the ways we do this is through raffles and auctions. This is where we need you! If you know of any businesses (or you are a business) that would like to donate items or services to be raffled/auctioned, let us know! We would love to put their items/services up for bid, and give them some exposure to potential new customers (see, that’s a win-win for everyone!). :yes:

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  1. Jayne says:

    Hi there! Heard about LoveFest through PSPCA (they are one of many featured in our Pet Pages)…we are PHILLY Pet Pages, a new, free publication in the area…it’s the official yellow pages for animal lovers/#1 Pet Resource Guide. We donate listings to all rescues/shelters & non-profits in both the printed versions as well as the online Pet Pages…you can check it out at
    We’d be happy to drop some off before your event so you can make them available for people coming to LoveFest – let us know if you would like them!

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How is LoveFest different? Each band will be playing for a charity of THEIR choice! Whatever charity, human or animal, whomever they desire to help!* Every band that participates will be given an equal percentage of money to donate to their cause of choice and all monies from raffles and 50/50s will be donated to H.U.A.-Hearts United for Animals & Little Kids Rock.

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