LoveFest is a musical festival all about promoting, helping and giving to animal friendly charities. It’s about bringing together people and ideas to make a difference. It’s about volunteering your time and effort and donating to worthy charities. All of the charities MUST be animal friendly and as such can not perform cruel experiments on any animals. LoveFest is not a charity in itself however. While we can take donations for the tickets (to the right), we don’t keep any money to cover any expenses. We run this website at our own expense, as our way of giving back and linking people and organizations to their favorite charities.


  1. Kristine says:

    I might have to move to Philly now. The City of Animaly Love. Awww.

  2. Question says:

    If you are interested in having an acoustic singer/songwriter at your next Fest, I would love you to check out my site and my YouTube channel.


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How is LoveFest different? Each band will be playing for a charity of THEIR choice! Whatever charity, human or animal, whomever they desire to help!* Every band that participates will be given an equal percentage of money to donate to their cause of choice and all monies from raffles and 50/50s will be donated to H.U.A.-Hearts United for Animals & Little Kids Rock.

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