In the Beginning

On a typical Saturday night, January of 2009, I was sitting at one of my favorite clubs, supporting my best friend while she was bartending.  I was off that night, and when you’re a bartender and you’re off, you go to your club or a friend’s club and show your love.  It’s just what we do. A great band was playing, a lot of friends were out, everyone was having a great time. And while there were so many people there, a huge bunch of friends, we were all wishing that others could be there. But they couldn’t, because they too, were all bartending, working at a club, or playing in a band somewhere else.  With Valentines Day fast approaching, I decided to throw a party. I sent out invites to a hundred of my closest friends on the scene-The musicians, bartenders, bar managers, barbacks, owners, promoters, etc. On a whim, I decided to call it LoveFest because it was Valentine’s weekend and a way for all of us to finally be together under one roof and really enjoy each other’s company all at once.
While waiting for the day of the party to finally arrive, it dawned on me what a special group of people we are. So many talented, hard working individuals, all with hearts of gold. And I decided that night, at LoveFest, to pour my heart out to all of my friends and ask them what they would think if I turned LoveFest into an annual party, something completely different, something that could do so much good for those less fortunate.  The decision was unanimous that I should go ahead and plan a party for 2010 that would be the most amazing, beneficial party of the year.
The year almost came and went. I got bogged down with life in general, working all the time, running around like I do. Over the holidays I visited and sponsored a shelter dog, as a gift to my niece and nephew for Christmas. And I started to think about LoveFest and how a party like that could really help an organization like HUA. Then, during the hustle and bustle of the holidays, people began to ask me if I would be holding another party after the Holidays. Another LoveFest. And I remembered my plea and my promise to plan another LoveFest that would be the party to out-do all other parties.  And although the task at hand was certainly daunting, and time was running short, I couldn’t see why I shouldn’t just pour every bit of extra time and energy into something incredible and worthwhile. All of us on the scene work so hard to create a good time for people, I wanted to create a day that all the people in the biz could be together. Bands could see each other play. Bartenders could hang with one another. And fans of the music and the scene could not only come see a ton of their favorite, amazing musicians, but raise a ton of money for responsible and deserving charities as well. So LoveFest has been born. I’m hoping that February 28th, 2010, will be the most successful benefit, a truly unique and grand party. I’m just one person, and I need all the help I can get!  So many friends and associates have come forward to help. To donate. To play and entertain the masses that will hopefully attend and make this day one to remember.
Thank you all for making a dream come true for me and I will see you on February 28th!
-Lori Stidham
Below are some of the pictures captured at the first LoveFest!


  1. Krista Doran says:

    Lori, we are so proud to be part of Lovefest this year! This world needs more people like you to spread the love!!! :-*

  2. Pam says:

    What an amazing event! It will be exciting to watch it grow each year. Lori, you’ve found your calling. :-))

  3. Lori Stidham says:

    Do I have the most amazing, generous, gorgeous bunch of friends or what?!?! I’m truly blessed :)

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How is LoveFest different? Each band will be playing for a charity of THEIR choice! Whatever charity, human or animal, whomever they desire to help!* Every band that participates will be given an equal percentage of money to donate to their cause of choice and all monies from raffles and 50/50s will be donated to H.U.A.-Hearts United for Animals & Little Kids Rock.

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